The Real-Time Analytics Platform
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Sub-second queries on real-time data. Build user-facing analytics with surprising efficiency.

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Enable Powerful User-Facing Analytics

Unlike traditional OLAP databases that use columnar stores, Rockset indexes every field in your structured, semi-structured, geo or time series data. Power low latency, high concurrency modern data apps at a fraction of the cost, simply using SQL.

We’ve removed many of the barriers developers face when building data applications at scale. We’ve freed teams from ETL, performance engineering and operations, replacing them with cloud-native real-time search and analytics.

125x faster queries

Run millisecond-latency SQL queries within 2 seconds of data being generated.

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20x faster time to market

Reduce time to build new data applications from 6 months to one week.

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15x fewer ops hours

Lower ongoing data ops and infrastructure ops overhead compared to Elastic or Druid.

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Why Rockset?

Fast analytics on fresh data

Run sub-second SQL search, aggregations and JOINs on deeply nested JSON, with indexes on every field. Analyze event streams and database CDC within 1-2 seconds of data being generated.

Deliver speed at scale for low-latency, high-concurrency data apps.

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Compute-efficient querying

Rockset organizes your data for faster and cheaper data retrieval using its Converged Index™. Reduce your cost per query by avoiding compute-intensive scans.

Run modern data apps at up to 50% lower compute cost compared to leading cloud warehouses.

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Avoid rigid data pipelines

Use built-in connectors for schemaless ingest from your stream, database or lake. Avoid schema definition, denormalization, deduplication and ETL jobs. Rollup incoming data and update records in place. Create new Data APIs with one click.

Unlock faster time to market and rapid iterations for modern data teams.

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Low ops at cloud scale

Rockset is a fully managed, cloud-native service. Independently scale compute or storage on-demand in the cloud. No servers, clusters or indexes to manage.

Eliminate the operational burden so your data team is always an enabler and never a bottleneck.

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Real-time analytics at lightning speed

Designed for Developers

Create your own data APIs to easily embed real-time analytics into your application.

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Query Lambdas

Save your SQL query as a REST endpoint and trigger it from your application.

Client SDKs

Query Rockset using the CLI, Node.js, Python, Go or Java SDKs.

Data Connectors

Connect using built-in data connectors or the Write API. Rollup and transform data using SQL.

Developer Tooling

Rockset CLI, and VS Code Extension. Tooling integrates with CI/CD systems.

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The Modern Data Stack for Real-Time Analytics

How it works

The Modern Data Stack for Real-Time Analytics

How it works

Use Cases

  • Logistics icon

    Monitor fleets, manage inventory in real-time and do predictive maintenance. Analyze thousands of data points in your fleet, the environment and inventory management systems to take real-time actions.

  • Gaming icon

    Create competition in the game with leaderboards and social features. By indexing your data, you can build more engaging features faster without impacting your primary game database.

  • Real-time Customer 360 icon
    Real-time Customer 360

    Get a unified view of your customers actions in real-time. Join and aggregate data from multiple channels as-it-happens, for support tooling, product monitoring and marketing automation.

  • Real-time Personalization icon
    Real-time Personalization

    Harness clickstream data to create compelling user experiences. Move from batch to real-time for personalized targeting and generate recommendations while the user's session is still active.

  • Security Analytics icon
    Security Analytics

    Detect threats in real-time with automated alerts. Search across thousands of real-time data points to assess severity and mitigate risk.

  • IoT icon

    Analyze sensor data in real-time, detect anomalies and trigger automations. Take the right actions at the right time by using real-time sort, filter and search functionalities on raw sensor data at scale.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Using data to create custom, relevant site experiences has been made simple with Rockset. My engineering team is wowed by the query speed and the ease with which they can consume data APIs created on Rockset.”

Kira Furuichi, Manager of Data Science and Analytics at Ritual

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“As a mobile esports platform, we need to have insight into what’s going on with a host of metrics in real time. Rockset is perfect for analyzing real-time events in DynamoDB without having to spend a lot of time coding or managing systems.”

David Cerna, CDO at eGoGames

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"Since DynamoDB and Rockset are both serverless, our lean engineering team can focus on delivering life-saving innovations in the product rather than managing data infrastructure, because we trust DynamoDB and Rockset to give us the reliability and scale we need."

Yannick Tocquet, CEO of Ido-Data

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See Rockset in action

Real-time analytics at lightning speed