Live AWS-Rockset Workshop - Build Real-Time Dashboards with DynamoDB, Rockset, and Grafana

July 11th, 2022 2pm EST
In person at the AWS Summit New York
Amazon Office JFK14, NY and Live Stream
Virtual attendance via Zoom

Join the AWS-Rockset joint workshop to build real-time dashboards with DynamoDB, Rockset, and Grafana. We'll be serving food and drinks for those who stay through the end!

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We're hosting a free joint workshop with AWS on how to build real-time dashboards and applications using Amazon DynamoDB, Rockset and Grafana. In this workshop, you'll get a live introduction to building real-time dashboards and how to work with CDC streams.

We’ll be analyzing car sales data to determine the most popular cars, price changes and more all in real time. The car sales data will be stored in DynamoDB and streamed to Rockset for live analytics. Here’s what our architecture will look like:

We’ll be using DynamoDB, S3, Rockset, and Grafana to build real-time dashboards:

  • We’ll write a script that’ll send car sales data to DynamoDB.
  • Separately, we’ll store static detailed information about the car companies in S3.
  • In the Rockset Query Editor, we’ll write complex SQL queries that JOIN data from DynamoDB and S3.
  • Finally, we’ll create live dashboards on Grafana that’ll display the results from the queries.

Pre-Reqs for the Workshop:

Anyone is welcome to attend the workshop. Some SQL and AWS knowledge is nice to have, but not required. No previous knowledge of Rockset or Grafana is needed.


Bring your own laptop and make sure your environment supports Python 3.9.6. If you are having trouble installing this version of Python, please reach out to the Rockset Community.

About the Speakers

Nadine Farah is a Senior Developer Advocate at Rockset leading Rockset’s developer initiatives. Prior to Rockset, she was at Bose working with the Bose AR team.

Shashi Raina is a Partner Solution Architect at AWS. Shashi has more than 15 years of experience in the technology and cloud space, including at Amazon Web Services, Toys “R” US, Knowledgent, and Equinix among others. He works with startups that are building products in DevOps and Big Data space. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and 12-year-old twin boys.

Alex DeBrie is a trainer and consultant focused on helping people using cutting-edge, cloud-native technologies. He specializes in serverless technologies on AWS, including DynamoDB, Lambda, API Gateway, and more. He's an AWS Data Hero and the author of The DynamoDB Book and the creator of

Register for the Workshop

I will be attending in person in NYC*

Register for the Workshop

I will be attending in person in NYC*