I Chose Rockset as My Next Best Step After Facebook

January 13, 2022

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I am excited to have recently joined Rockset, after having been at Facebook for almost 12 years. At Facebook I worked on a broad range of things, including social recommendations (like “people you may know”), ads, and Bistro (a service for distributed task execution). More recently, I spent the last six years building tools to help other employees be more productive with technical work, such as a workflow automation tool and a web UI component library. I found that I am very passionate about building functional products that are also delightful to use.

The Quality of Product and People Matter to Me

I originally learned of Rockset after it came out of stealth and I saw Venkat’s post about it. A few months later I was able to visit the office and see a demo, and was really impressed with the speed and ease of use of their real-time analytics engine. At the time I still wasn’t ready to make a switch, but eventually when I did leave Facebook in December this led me to think of Rockset as the best next step for me.

A big part of that decision was the quality of the team — I knew many of them (Mihir, Venkat, Dhruba, Tudor, Nathan, Louis) either having worked with them or by reputation as exceptional engineers. I am really looking forward to the opportunity of working with and learning from them.

I Believe in the Vision of Bringing Real-Time Analytics to Everyone

In my previous work, I often relied on looking at data and analytics to make product decisions, investigate issues, or just to get a sense of the state of the world. As Facebook moved to more and more of this data being available real-time, I noticed a dramatic increase in my ability to accomplish those goals. That’s why I’m excited about Rockset’s vision of bringing the future of real-time analytics to everyone. And it seems like at the current stage in Rockset’s growth it’s the right time to invest further in improving the product, for which I hope my experience will be valuable.

I’m thrilled to start this new journey at Rockset and see where it takes me.

Rockset is the real-time analytics database in the cloud for modern data teams. Get faster analytics on fresher data, at lower costs, by exploiting indexing over brute-force scanning.

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