Rockset Documentation

    Rockset is a real-time analytics solution enabling low latency search, aggregations, and joins on massive semi-structured data, without operational burden. Rockset automatically indexes your data – structured, semi-structured, geo and time series data – for real-time search and analytics at scale.


    The Getting Started section introduces Rockset using a short tutorial to get you up and running quickly with sample data.

    The Loading Your Data section describes how to connect, transform, and ingest your various data sources into Rockset.

    The Querying Your Data section details all of the supported functions, features, Query Lambdas, and visualization tools for executing SQL queries in Rockset.

    The Developer Tools section provides external links to references for all of Rockset’s official client libraries, CLI tool, VSCode extension, and more.

    The API Reference details the supported REST endpoints in the Rockset API, including their arguments and responses.

    The Performance and Scaling section describes how to safely and successfully scale Rockset with your application.

    The Security section details Rocket’s security features including key management, role-based access control, data encryption, audit logging, and more.

    #Data Sources

    Rockset has native integrations pre-built for several external data sources. Once connected, Rockset will automatically load your data within seconds and you can begin making SQL queries immediately. The data itself can be in different formats such as JSON, XML, CSV, or Apache Parquet.

    Managed integrations for the following data sources are currently supported:

    If your data is not in any of these sources, or you want to stream events directly into Rockset, you can always use the Write API directly to write data to your Rockset collections. To request support for a new data source, please drop us a note at

    #Developer Tools

    #API Access

    Rockset has client libraries wrapped on top of the Rockset API that can be used to insert, update, and query data programmatically from application code:

    We are working on enabling new client libraries. If you would like to get early access to them, contact

    #IDE Support

    Rockset supports Jetbrains Datagrip and VS Code if you're looking to use Rockset and compose SQL queries inside your IDE:


    If you’re having trouble finding what you’re looking for or still have any questions for us, please contact us at