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Azure Blob Storage

This page covers how to use an Azure Blob Storage container as a data source in Rockset. This includes:

  • Creating an Azure Blob Storage integration to securely connect containers in your Azure Blob Storage account.
  • Creating a collection which syncs your data from an Azure Blob Storage container into Rockset.

For the following steps, you must have access to an Azure Blob Storage account account and be able to manage Azure Blob Storage account keys. If you do not have access, please invite your Azure account administrator to Rockset.

Create an Azure Blob Storage Integration

These instructions explain how to setup an Azure Blob Storage integration. An integration can provide access to one or more containers within your Azure Blob Storage account. You can use an integration to create collections that sync data from your Azure Blob Storage containers.

Create a new shared access signature (SAS)

To access your Azure Blob Storage resources, Rockset can authenticate with shared access signature with permissioned access to your desired containers. Once you complete these steps, you can use the Connection String associated with the key to create the Rockset integration in the Rockset console.

To create a new shared access signature (SAS), navigate to the Azure Blob Storage account console, and then select "Shared access signature" from left sidebar.

From there, you can create a new key with read-only access, with the following settings:

  • Allowed services: Blob
  • Allowed resource types: Container, Object
  • Allowed permissions: Read, List
  • Expiry date: 2023-01-14, or a date in the distant future.

Then click "Generate SAS and connection string". You can copy the "connection string" field. This string will be required to create the Azure Blob Storage integration within Rockset console.

Create Azure Blob Storage shared access signature (SAS)

Create a Collection

Once you have set up an integration, you can proceed to create an Azure Blob Storage sourced collection. When you are creating a collection, you can choose which paths you want to include in your collection by adding multiple sources with distinct path names.

You can create a collection from an Azure Blob Storage source in the Collections tab of the Rockset Console.

Create Azure Blob Storage Collection

Note that these operations can also be performed using any of the Rockset client libraries, the Rockset API, or the Rockset CLI.