Jetbrains Datagrip

This page describes how to set up DataGrip and configure it for use with Rockset.

The steps below require the Rockset Java SDK JAR file. Instructions for how to build the JAR file are in the Rockset Java client documentation. You can also download the JAR file from Maven.


DataGrip is a multi-engine database environment that provides efficient schema navigation and query execution.


  1. Create an API Key using the Rockset Console. You can find instructions for how to create an API key under Manage > API Keys in the menu on the left side of the screen:

Create New API Key

  1. In DataGrip, select File > Data Sources. Click on the plus symbol (+) and then select Driver:

Datagrip select driver

  1. Change the driver name to Rockset in the Name field and then configure the driver:
  • In Settings > Driver files, add the Rockset JDBC driver JAR.
  • After selecting the driver file, enter com.rockset.jdbc.RocksetDriver in the Class field.
  • Use jdbc:rockset:// as the default in URL templates.

DataGrip configure Rockset

  1. In DataGrip, click on the plus symbol (+), and select the new Rockset driver:

Datagrip select Rockset

  1. Enter apikey in the User field and your Rockset API key in the Password field:

DataGrip connect Rockset

  1. Right-click on the DB connection and select Synchronize to load data:

Datagrip synchronize


You can view the schema of all the Rockset collections in your workspace:

Datagrip navigate collections

You can run SQL statements and view the results using the editor:

DataGrip query Rockset