• Trial Evaluation Guide

Trial Evaluation Guide

Welcome! This guide helps you get the most out of your Rockset trial. It covers everything you need to:

  • Ingest data into a collection.
  • Query that data with SQL.
  • Execute queries via an API endpoint (we call this a query lambda).

The guide also teaches you about:

  • Different Virtual Instances.
  • How to debug query-related console errors.
  • How to get support.
  • How to incorporate Rockset into a production data application.

Our goal for this guide and the product itself is to be fully self-service. If you have issues throughout your trial or product ideas to improve the experience, please let us know at We treat all feedback as a gift.

A few things before we dive into the content. First, this is not an old architecture running in a container. Rockset has been cloud-native, serverless, and fully managed from day one. Second, it’s important to know what Rockset is best suited for. Rockset really shines with:

  • Selective queries (search queries with equality or range in the WHERE clause).
  • Queries that are complex analytically.

If you’re looking to query 1TB of data without a WHERE clause or you’re looking for full-text search, Rockset probably isn’t for you! Check out a cloud data warehouse or full-text search database.

Here are the topics we’ll cover in the trial evaluation guide:

  1. Learn the basics (Getting Started)
  2. Ingest your own Data
  3. Performance Tuning
  4. Debugging
  5. Support
  6. Trial Considerations
  7. Product Considerations

With that, let’s jump in.