Elasticsearch vs Rockset for Real-Time Analytics

Developers love the speed of Elasticsearch. But, it takes time for Elasticsearch to get fast.

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In the Elasticsearch versus Rockset Whitepaper, we show how Rockset brings development teams speed out of the box.

Here's how:

  • Rockset builds a Converged Index: a search index, columnar store and row index on all data (however deeply nested), for fast search and analytics
  • Rockset supports full SQL, including joins, making it easy to implement real-time analytics
  • Rockset exploits the elasticity of the cloud. No more infra ops- including server management, cluster management or indexing

The big takeaway? You can get sub-second analytics that doesn’t take weeks to set up. And query or data changes don't require rethinking your data model or hours of performance tuning.

Explore Elasticsearch versus Rockset and go one level deeper into the technical differences between these systems.

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