Future of Real-time Analytics

In this whitepaper, we’re sharing 5 principles for the move from batch to real-time analytics.

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In the future, real-time analytics will be central to personalization, A/B testing, fraud detection, gaming and more. That’s because companies making the switch see jumps in revenue- one oil and gas company increased their profit margin by 15% with real-time analytics.

Getting real-time analytics right means adopting a new set of principles including:

  • Flexible data models: With batch analytics, you knew the shape of your data and types of queries so you could create static materialized views. With real-time analytics new data schemas, sources and types of queries pop up so you need a “schema light” approach.
  • Decoupled services: Real-time data services built for search, aggregations and joins are 100-1000x more scalable than transactional systems. That’s why we predict that 90% of the features in your app will be built using real-time data services not on your primary database.
  • APIs over data dumps: Data quality, traceability, governance, access control are all superior with data APIs than data dumps. Giving your developers APIs will allow them to innovate faster.

Read up on the 5 principles driving real-time analytics in this whitepaper.

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