Real-Time Analytics Hackathon

Create a real-time analytics hackathon for your engineering team. Hack on logistics tracking, security analytics, leaderboards and more with support from Rockset.


Rockset sponsors hackathons to encourage the development of real-time analytics and provide engineering teams with the tools to build cutting edge, analytics-focused products. We’re constantly amazed by how teams are integrating real-time analytics into their applications and are lending our support via a hackathon fund.

Prototype for Free

Rockset provides $500 in free trial credits for real-time analytics. We can get you setup on a trial account and guide your development with 1:1 Slack chat support during the hackathon.

Get Free Food and Prizes

Rockset helps subsidize internal hackathons. We can help give your team fuel as well as contribute prizes including Raspberry Pis, Oculus headsets, Apple watches and more.

Hack with Data Leaders

Rockset is built by veterans of the data space. We can connect you to mentors, speakers and partners to inform the development of real-time analytics initiatives.

Real-Time Analytics—Defined

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