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Snowflake With Rockset: How to Use Indexing For Sub-Second Queries

User-facing analytics requires low-latency, high-concurrency queries that are hard to achieve on Snowflake. Learn how development teams accelerate their apps by indexing Snowflake data in Rockset.

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Snowflake is the leading cloud data warehouse, serving as the central repository for data in the enterprise. Although it has exceeded performance of most warehouses, it still takes seconds to return queries since it uses a columnar format. For user-facing analytics, particularly when embedding dashboards in SaaS applications, the performance requirements are in milliseconds.

An indexing approach optimizes for the low-latency, high-concurrency queries needed for user-facing analytics. It allows you to deliver sub-second queries with lesser compute. This tech talk is a practical guide to accelerating performance by indexing Snowflake data using Rockset.

  • Price-performance tradeoffs: which types of queries benefit from indexing, how to decide which datasets to index, how to measure your compute efficiency and query acceleration
  • Architecture overview: the fundamental differences between Snowflake’s columnar storage and Rockset’s Converged Indexing, and how they work together for different use cases
  • Hands on labs: how to setup continuous indexing using dbt, Snowflake and Rockset
  • Ritual case study - how Ritual, the leading online vitamin brand uses Snowflake and Rockset for real-time analytics to personalize e-commerce experiences
  • Hedge fund case study: how a top hedge fund uses Snowflake and Rockset for real-time analytics to make better investment decisions

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About the Speaker

Shruti Bhat leads product management and marketing at Rockset. Prior to Rockset, Shruti led Product Management for Oracle Cloud, with a focus on AI, IoT and Blockchain. Previously, Shruti was VP Marketing at Ravello Systems, where she drove the start-up's rapid growth from pre-launch to hundreds of customers and a successful acquisition. Prior to that, she was responsible for launching VMware's vSAN and has led engineering teams at HP and IBM. Shruti has a bachelor's in computer science engineering and an MBA from UCLA Anderson.

Watch the Tech Talk

Watch the Tech Talk