Live Rockset Product Demo

Tuesdays at 10:00 AM PST

Learn how to easily and instantly connect and analyze data with massive scalability within Rockset. Join our weekly demo where product experts showcase key Rockset features and answer questions live from the audience.


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What can Rockset do?

Run Sub-Second Analytics on Fresh Data

Build engaging applications that require low-latency analytics within seconds of data being generated. Rockset indexes every field in your data for fast analytics at scale.

Add New Data Sources and New Queries in Minutes

Accelerate development by avoiding data denormalization and flattening, rigid schemas and index definition. Rockset gives you the flexibility of standard SQL, including joins, coupled with schemaless ingest.

Scale Simply and Cost Effectively

Eliminate time and effort spent managing clusters, capacity and sharding. As a serverless database, Rockset allows you to scale without operational burden.

The live product demos include:

  • Experiencing Rockset’s intuitive user interface
  • Easily creating collections
  • Stream data via various methods
  • Natively storing and querying semi-structured data
  • Connection to BI tools…and more

Join the live product demo and snag a free Rockset t-shirt (for US sign ups only).