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dbt + Rockset Office Hours

Join us at office hours where we’ll showcase the beta dbt-Rockset adapter, making it easy to transform data in real-time using dbt.

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Rockset is a real-time analytics database in the cloud for sub-second queries on fresh data. dbt is an open-source tool that lets data teams collaborate on transforming data in their database to ship higher quality data sets, faster.

While dbt was originally designed for batch analytics, it’s been moving to support more real-time use cases. That’s where the dbt-Rockset adapter fits in, we enable teams who love working with dbt to standardize their ETL tooling across both their batch and real-time data stacks. And, for our existing Rockset users, we’re making it easier for you to automate collection creation and data transformations with this new adapter.

At this office hours, we’ll walk through:

  1. How the beta dbt-Rockset adapter supports the core materializations of dbt including views, incremental, tables and ephemeral
  2. A live demo of a real-time data transformation using streaming data from Amazon Kinesis, dbt and Rockset Views
  3. The common use cases for the adapter including real-time reporting and data applications

We’ll conclude the session with a live Q&A. Hope you can join us and we’ll be giving away free Data Is My Rock t-shirts to all attendees in the US. See shirt below 👇

About the Speakers

Sam Crowder is the engineer behind the dbt-Rockset adapter. He is on the platform engineering team and works primarily on the distributed ingestion system at Rockset.

Justin Liu is a Product Manager at Rockset, where he works closely with SaaS customers to create a seamless developer experience for building applications on Rockset. Prior to Rockset, he worked in engineering at Google on various teams including Google Cloud IAM and Data Protection.

Watch the Tech Talk

Watch the Tech Talk