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The most efficient end-to-end software stack for real-time analytics on streaming data

Rockset is a fully managed service that enables real-time search and analytics on streaming data from Confluent Cloud, databases, data lakes, and cloud data warehouses. Rockset continuously ingests and indexes data using its fully-managed connectors to deliver sub-second SQL analytics with cloud-native efficiency. Together, Rockset and Confluent Cloud accelerate time to value for streaming data users. Eliminate infrastructure management, operational overhead, and complex ETL pipelines while putting streaming data to work for latency-sensitive use cases.

Real-time personalization at Whatnot

Whatnot is an eCommerce marketplace doing real-time product recommendations using streaming data from Confluent Cloud and Rockset as their real-time analytics database.

Whatnot’s recommendation queries run in milliseconds and they’ve cut feature development from weeks to days.

Real-time pricing at Allianz Direct

Allianz Direct is a digital insurance provider offering real-time pricing and risk assessment with Confluent Cloud and Rockset.

They’re executing sub-second queries on tens of millions of Confluent Cloud streaming events and have sped up model deployment time from weeks to days.

User-facing analytics at Community Brands

Community Brands is a leading software provider for non-profit organizations offering a unified analytics platform fed by CDC streams on Confluent Cloud.

Apache Druid couldn’t handle updates, nested data, or JOINs for streaming data, but after switching to Rockset they’ve achieved query latency in the milliseconds with a vastly simplified, fully-managed architecture.

Real-time Analytics Use Cases


Use Rockset to serve matchmaking heuristics fed by Confluent data streams, ensuring players are matched at an appropriate skill level. Boost player engagement and retention with live metrics and leaderboards. Use streaming data to identify anomalous behavior associated with cheating.

Logistics Tracking

Analyze, manage and monitor the health of fleets with Rockset and Confluent. Receive alerts about the health of equipment, and recommend preventive maintenance to keep fleets up and running. Optimize delivery routes with real-time data from GPS devices, orders and delivery schedules.


Rockset can analyze streaming data from Confluent to predict both fraud and anomalies. Capture user behavior with data streams, enrich the streams with historical data, and make use of online feature stores to detect fraudulent user behavior. Bring a real-time edge to alerting and monitoring.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"My manager, the vice president of engineering, was blown away by the speed at which I could not only access the data, but turn it into usable and reportable information. Needless to say, we are successfully using Rockset today to solve many other data challenges including creating new analytics to help our customers measure the return on investment they are making in leadership coaching."

Jon Farr, Principal Data Architect at Sounding Board

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