SQL on MongoDB with Rockset

With native SQL query language and fully supported joins, using MongoDB with Rockset for real-time analytics is easier than ever. You’ll see sub-second quieries for half the cost.

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  • Fast SQL without any manual workaround. No need to denormalize your data on ingest or use $lookup. Easily query across MongoDB and other data sets using SQL joins.

  • Efficient indexes for real-time analytics on MongoDB. By pairing MongoDB with Rockset, you get full SQL, including joins, on deeply nested MongoDB data. No data preparation needed. Rockset indexes every field for efficient, sub-second SQL queries.

  • Get started in minutes with a cloud-native service. Use the Rockset built-in data connector with MongoDB change streams to constantly stay in sync. New data is queryable within 1 second of being generated.
The most compute-efficient way to build user-facing analytics.

If you’re using MongoDB then you’ll know it doesn’t support SQL joins. And using $lookup or a denormalized dataset isn’t as optimal as a database with native support for SQL. But there’s good news, you can pair MongoDB with Rockset for real-time analytics.

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MongoDB Connector

Get started in minutes with the MongoDB connector.
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No Data Prep

By pairing MongoDB with Rockset, you never need to prep your data. We have schemaless ingest, dynamic typing, and converged indexing.
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SQL Support

Sub-second SQL search, aggregations and joins. No need to learn another query language.

Rockset’s Converged Index allowed us to reduce the response time for a very complex multi-join query with multiple unnesting statements from 3500ms to 159ms

Jon Farr, Principal Data Architect at Sounding Board