Power Live Apps on Complex Data
Accelerate app development with fast SQL directly on raw data

Ingest, Query, Build

Rockset is a real-time database in the cloud, built to serve live applications and interactive dashboards.

Ingest raw data without fixed schema. Continuous sync of new data. No complex pipelines needed.


Use full-featured SQL, including JOINs. Millisecond-latency queries enabled by automatic indexes on all fields.


Serve fast queries that power the apps you build. Scale without worrying about servers, shards, or pagers.

Use Cases

Go from raw data to rich interactive applications without complex data infrastructure.   


Combine behavioral & historical data
Infer user preferences in real-time
Personalize user experience


Ingest time-series data streams
Analyze highly dimensional data
Build live apps & analytics

Business Operations

Create unified index across silos
Search and aggregate instantly
Automate marketing & support ops

Data Science

Load data without ETL
Explore using interactive notebooks
Accelerate data science workflows

Security Analytics

Index real-time security events
Detect patterns with ad hoc queries
Improve threat intel & prevention

Machine Learning

Load data without ETL
Extract features from complex data
Build more effective models

Engineered for the Cloud

Rockset was born in the cloud, not the data center. We harness cloud economics by auto-scaling ingest, storage, and query processing to provide optimal price-performance.

Key Features

Ingest any data, query using standard SQL, and build live apps—all in a single cloud service.
Schemaless Ingest

Connect to our growing list of supported data sources. Ingest in real time without a fixed schema. No pipelines or ETL needed.

Smart Schemas

Store any data without upfront schema design. Rockset automatically infers the schema and enables strongly typed queries on dynamically typed fields.

{"user_id": "caligralist", ...},
{"user_id": none, ...},
{"user_id": "hacker123", ...},
{"user_id": 413452322, ...},
$ DESCRIBE typing_system_demo
['user_id']   4232 / 8312   string
['user_id']   3267 / 8312   int
['user_id']    813 / 8312   null_type
['...']               ...   ...
Operational-Speed SQL

Run fast SQL, including joins, filters, and aggregates. Enabled by distributed query processing on search, columnar, and document indexes backed by RocksDB-Cloud.

Query ran in ms.
Time-Based Retention

Retain weeks or months of events. High-performance time-based filtering, sorting, and aggregations—accelerated by native support for time-series data.

Easy-To-Use APIs

Build apps, microservices, live dashboards and data science notebooks. Use your choice of Python, Java, JavaScript, and Go client libraries, or our REST APIs.

$ rock sql "SELECT 
        visits.promotion AS promotion, 
        sum(visits.converted)/count(visits.converted) AS clickthrough 
    FROM visits 
    GROUP BY clickthrough"


Rockset is designed with security as a top priority, so your data is protected
Data Encryption

Encrypted at rest and SSL in transit.

Field Mappings

Scrub and anonymize PII, PHI, and other sensitive data.

Bring Your Own Key

Use your own keys or KMS-managed keys for encryption.

Single Sign-On

SSO with SAML or OAuth.

Access Control

Manage permissions using role-based access control.

Audit Logging

User actions are logged for security and troubleshooting.

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