Real-time Analytics in Logistics & Supply Chain: 2021 Key Trends

May 27th, 12pm PDT/3pm EDT

Lunch with engineering leaders in logistics and supply chain


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Digital is a key priority for most supply chain leaders, but less than 50% defined a robust supply chain digital transformation roadmap. Many supply chains have been too slow to react and are still developing the foundational physical capabilities required to compete today let alone develop, test, deploy and scale digital innovation effectively.

Join us for an intimate session with fellow engineering leaders in Logistics to learn about their digitization and cloud journeys, discuss the latest analytics trends, challenges and key capabilities they are looking at in 2021

  • Lessons learned from digitization and cloud journey in logistics & supply chain
  • Serverless architectures for data and analytics
  • Embedding real-time search and analytics into SaaS products

Challenge is, if your user-facing data apps are any slower than Instagram, nobody will use them. What is the cloud-native data stack that modern logistics companies are embracing to deliver these capabilities? How are leaders in supply chain and logistics tackling the speed, scale and cost challenges in building modern analytics offerings?

Doug Moore, VP Cloud at Command Alkon will kick off the discussion with recent lessons learnt. All attendees will get a $25 Doordash gift card and priceless connections with fellow leaders in the industry.

Hosted by Rockset, the real-time analytics company.