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Real-Time Analytics on MongoDB: The Ultimate Guide

In the course of working with MongoDB users, we gathered and shared our experiences in a series of articles that addressed common challenges and solutions when implementing real-time analytics on MongoDB data. In this eBook, we have compiled them into a single resource—a developer’s ultimate guide to evaluating the various options for real-time analytics on MongoDB.

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MongoDB is widely used as an operational database, but there is typically a need for real-time analytics on MongoDB data as well. For intelligent applications to make optimal decisions or take the best actions, they need to run complex queries over large-scale data.

While MongoDB has native aggregation capabilities that help support these use cases, there are often challenges associated with implementing real-time analytics on MongoDB. These challenges include:

  • Performance Impact on Transactional Workloads
  • Lack of Support for SQL and Joins
  • Performance Engineering effort for analytics

In this ebook, we compare several alternatives to implementing real-time analytics on MongoDB including offloading analytics to Postgres or Elasticsearch. Download the ebook today.

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