Real-Time Analytics: Why It Matters & Why It’s Hard

Once upon a time (like, five years ago) only the biggest tech players with the deepest pockets had cracked real-time analytics.

The challenges around data latency and query latency were too complex and costly for most businesses to attack. But there’s been a breakthrough.

Super-fast queries are accessible to almost everyone and driving customer outcomes.

And that’s a huge deal.

So what's changed?

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Real-Time Analytics: Why It Matters And Why It’s Hard unpacks how we help engineering teams like yours smash through the complexity barrier and start winning with RTA.

Read it now to find out how we can help you:

  • Solve for data and query latency (and ditch batch analytics)
  • Overcome the three key challenges of RTA:
    • Low latency
    • Developer flexibility
    • Operational overhead
  • Use Rockset's tech to:
    • Free your developers to create the future of your business
    • Leverage RTA to create new value in your application
    • Find the RTA price/performance sweet spot

Big things are waiting for you. In-the-moment personalization. Instantaneous intelligence. Immediate data-driven decisions.

Ready to get started?

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