Security Analytics: 2021 Key Trends

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Enterprises are moving their workloads to cloud-based solutions to scale, keep up with remote workforces, improve flexibility and availability. This shift is driving security vendors to move their security analytics solutions to software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings to keep up with customer demands.

The latest Forrester Wave report on security analytics says: Cloud-delivered security analytics platforms that provide custom real-time detections will dictate which providers will lead the pack, with key capabilities being -

  • Provide customizability for customers.
  • Offer true analytics and operations.
  • Have a vision for extended detection and response (XDR).

What is the cloud-native tech stack that modern security SaaS vendors are embracing to deliver these capabilities? For example, endpoint detection and response and security analytics have long been on a collision course. The overlap of these capabilities provide highly enriched telemetry, speedy investigations, and automated response actions. How are leaders in security analytics tackling the speed, scale and cost challenges in building modern security SaaS offerings?

Join us for an intimate session with fellow leaders in security analytics to discuss the latest trends, challenges and key capabilities they are looking at in 2021. All attendees will get a $25 Doordash gift card and priceless connections with fellow leaders in the industry.

Hosted by Rockset, the real-time analytics company.