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Serverless Real-Time Analytics Using Amazon DynamoDB and Rockset

We’re talking serverless stacks for real-time analytics with AWS Senior Practice Manager Rick Houlihan and Rockset Solution Architect David Brown.

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Amazon DynamoDB is one of the most popular NoSQL databases in the cloud for its single-digit millisecond performance and serverless architecture. With DynamoDB, engineering teams can scale their applications to 10s of trillions of requests per day without needing to capacity plan, manage software or hardware.

In this tech talk, we share how DynamoDB is an excellent solution for fast, scalable online transaction processing and, when paired with an analytics solution like Rockset, can expand to support heavily analytical data applications including recommendation engines, gaming leaderboards and customer-facing dashboards.

AWS Senior Practice Manager Rick Houlihan will share the evolution of NoSQL systems and how they were designed for transactional workloads at scale. He’ll be joined by Rockset Solution Architect David Brown who will share how Rockset enables SQL on NoSQL and opens the door for SQL search, aggregations and joins on DynamoDB data. The talk will conclude with a live demo of DynamoDB and Rockset showcasing how the joint solution meets the speed and scale requirements of applications in a completely serverless way.

About the Speakers

Rick is a principal technologist who leads the NoSQL blackbelt team at Amazon Web Services (AWS). He has designed hundreds of NoSQL database schemas for some of the largest and most highly scaled applications in the world. Many of Rick’s designs are deployed at the foundation of core Amazon and AWS services such as AWS CloudTrail, AWS Identity and Access Management, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon EC2, Amazon Alexa, and a variety of retail internet and fulfillment-center services.

David Brown has been helping customers architect solutions with different Fast and Big data solutions for over 20 years. At Rockset, David helps customers determine if the product is a good fit, helps place it in a comprehensive architecture, provides assistance during evaluation and stays involved with customers as they progress in their Rockset journey. He lives in San Diego, CA and is on the 'top two' list of favorite humans for a pair of Rottweilers.

Watch the Tech Talk

Watch the Tech Talk