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Rockset enables gaming companies to tune matches, detect anomalies and optimize experiences as millions of gamers play. Move faster with a real-time analytics platform built for the cloud.

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Rockset for Real-Time Game Analytics

Gamers are captivated by compelling features and experiences. Yet, many gaming companies are not able to optimize individual player experiences as the game progresses. Rockset delivers sub-second queries on seconds old data so you can respond to the latest activity in the game.

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    Adaptive Gameplay

    Create player-centric games by optimizing experiences in real-time. Release new individualized experiences that get players to the next level.
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    Tune matchmaking using real-time data. Boost player engagement and retention with live metrics.
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    Anti-Cheat & Anomaly Detection

    Detect bad actors and ban them in real-time. Ensure the integrity of the game and minimize risk to the business.

Real-Time Analytics in Record Time

Focus your engineers on the game release not on real-time analytics infrastructure. Ask most engineering teams, and they’ll estimate 3+ experienced engineers and 6+ months to implement real-time analytics. That’s not the case with Rockset. You can implement real-time analytics in weeks and here’s why:

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Flexible Data Model

With a flexible data model and built-in connectors, teams can simply point their data source at Rockset and the data will be ingested and queryable within 1-2 seconds. No ETL required.

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Fast SQL on Nested JSON

Rockset’s Converged Index enables sub-second SQL joins on semi-structured data. No data prep or performance tuning. Never learn a new query language.

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Cloud-Native Architecture

Rockset seprates storage and compute for better price-performance in the cloud. Freeing teams from cluster or server operations. Leave managing data systems to us.

The Modern Real-Time Game Analytics Stack

Drive player progression, acquire new players and grow the community using real-time analytics. The underlying data stack is the great enabler, meeting the speed and scale demanded by the gaming industry without the traditional data and infrastructure operations of legacy architectures.


Real-Time Analytics with Surprising Efficiency

Combining characteristics of an inverted index, column store and row store, the Converged Index enables fast, compute-efficient queries, avoiding costly scans.

Streaming ingest from event & CDC streams.

Rockset is purpose-built for real-time analytics on streaming data and can handle heavy writes and reads.

Separation of Compute and Storage

Rockset independently scales storage and compute for better price-performance. No need for capacity planning or over-provisioning of resources.

Mutable real-time indexes

Rockset avoids many of the challenges with streaming data- out of order events, late arriving events and duplicate data.

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“Using Rockset was one of the best decisions for our company. We now use Rockset for everything we do. It’s the perfect solution for building out real-time analytics without incurring a lot of effort and cost on our part.”

David Serna, Chief Data Officer

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