Join data across MongoDB, Kafka and S3

Using a real-time indexing database designed for faster queries at scale.

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Real-time Indexing Database in the Cloud

Rockset automatically indexes data from MongoDB for fast search, aggregations and even joins. Scale out your reads to serve the most data-intensive applications. Rockset is built for the cloud so you don't have the hassle of software and hardware configuration.

Accelerate slow queries with an external index

Queries are not performant without the right indexes. And, getting the right indexes in MongoDB is a challenge. You need to know the query patterns of your application and the shape of the data. Both tend to change over time.

Offload data-intensive applications like personalization, search and customer 360s to Rockset. Rockset continuously indexes data so even complex search queries on 100 billion records return in under 100 milliseconds.

Scale applications efficiently with total performance isolation

MongoDB performance can suffer under the weight of reads. It's a best practice to take read-heavy applications off production databases to improve uptime as data and queries scale.

Rockset scales out reads so the most data-intensive applications never query the primary production database directly. With a built-in connector to MongoDB, Rockset stays in sync and can handle applications that require 2 seconds of data delay.

Build read-intensive features with fast search, aggregations and joins

Like many NoSQL databases, MongoDB does not have native support for joins, making it hard to aggregate data from multiple sources.

With Rockset, you can use SQL for low latency search, aggregations and joins on MongoDB, Kafka, S3 and more. No upfront schemas needed. Simply save your query as a REST endpoint to create your own API.

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