Scale Data-Driven Applications with Real-Time, External Indexes on MongoDB
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Build Data-Driven Applications Faster

Use the full capabilities of SQL to power APIs for search, aggregations and joins, and replace 100s of lines of code with a single API call. Rockset allows you to create APIs on your data in minutes, so you can build data-driven applications on MongoDB data quickly and simply.

Use Cases
Combine real-time behavioral data with other data on purchase history, demographics, and inventory. Personalize user experiences by serving the most relevant product, offer, or content.
IoT automation
Collect fast-moving data from numerous sensors and devices foranalysis. Build automation that takes immediate action to handle predicted failures, safety issues, and other anomalous events.
Perform aggregations and joins on multiple streams of user interactions. Serve real-time applications like leaderboards and social features on gaming platforms.

Real-Time External Indexing on MongoDB

Use Rockset as a speed layer to index your MongoDB collections and serve fast APIs. Rockset tails MongoDB change streams so you can offload read-heavy applications from your MongoDB database, without requiring hard-to-manage pipelines, caches or specialized data stores.

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Move Faster with Rockset and MongoDB

Do more with APIs created on Rockset, so you can ship new features faster. Query across MongoDB and other data sets using SQL JOINs. Run complex aggregation, filter and sort queries in milliseconds. Build data-driven applications easily using real-time SQL queries executed from REST endpoints.

Index continuously from MongoDB
Connect Rockset to MongoDB Atlas, so data updated in MongoDB is queryable in Rockset within seconds. Rockset automatically builds search, columnar and row indexes on your data to make your queries run fast.
Query MongoDB collections as SQL tables
Query MongoDB data using full-featured SQL. MongoDB collections map directly to Rockset collections. There is no need to fit your data into rigid relational structures as Rockset automatically infers the schema of your data.
Power your application with fast APIs
Create an API for each query your application needs from within the Rockset console. Simply call a REST endpoint in your application code to trigger a query.


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Real-Time Analytics At Lightning Speed

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