Real-Time Analytics on PostgreSQL

Enable sub-second, high-concurrency analytics at scale using Rockset.

Go Beyond the Limits of PostgreSQL

User-facing analytics requires fast, sub-second queries even as the number of concurrent users grows and data size increases. Rockset is a real-time indexing database that stays in sync with PostgreSQL to provide the analytical performance needed by these applications without the complexity of scaling PostgreSQL.

Power Your App with Fast Analytics

Enable sub-second analytics in your app without having to define your own indexes or engage in performance engineering.

Rockset builds inverted, columnar and row indexes on all columns of your PostgreSQL data to accelerate a wide range of search, aggregation and join queries.

Scale Analytics for High Concurrency

Handle 1000s of concurrent queries while sustaining the query performance your app requires.

Rockset's disaggregated architecture allows compute to scale as needed to support high concurrency at peak periods.

Reduce Risk to OLTP Workloads on PostgreSQL

Ensure compute-intensive analytics does not impact production OLTP workloads by moving analytics to Rockset.

Rockset tracks data changes in PostgreSQL to build an external index for analytics.

Real-time Analytics Use Cases


Respond to changing conditions and identify problems early on by analyzing thousands of data points in real-time.

Gaming Leaderboards

Motivate players to increase their in-game activity with real-time leaderboards.


Increase conversions, cross-sell and upsell with personalized recommendations and offers.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Rockset fits all the requirements that we have for a new kind of database. It's serverless, real-time, provides a common API like SQL, and is able to ingest event data easily via a Kafka connector. It's also blazingly fast as compared to on-prem databases we have used in the past, making it a great fit for modern data applications."

Ralph Debusmann, IOT Solution Architect at Bosch


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