Real-Time Analytics on DynamoDB

Accelerate the development of serverless data applications using DynamoDB and Rockset.

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A Simple Real-Time Analytics Solution

Rockset is a fully managed service that enables real-time search and analytics on data from Amazon DynamoDB. Rockset tails the DynamoDB stream and automatically indexes data so you have the flexibility to run a wide range of analytical queries without any additional data modeling. Build applications on a serverless data stack to manage logistics, analyze game activity, personalize experiences and more, all in real-time.

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Fully Managed Sync to DynamoDB Tables

Built-in connector with DynamoDB streams API to constantly stay in sync.

New data is queryable within 1 second of being generated.

Automated Indexing for Fast Search, Aggregations and Joins

Millisecond latency SQL queries on semi-structured data. No additional data modeling required.

Data is automatically indexed in an inverted index, a column index and a row index.

Serverless Auto-Scaling for High QPS

Power low-latency, high concurrency applications using a serverless data stack.

Rockset scales ingest compute, storage and query compute independently to handle varying workloads.

Real-time Analytics Use Cases


Respond to changing conditions and identify problems early on by analyzing thousands of data points in real-time.

Gaming Leaderboards

Motivate players to increase their in-game activity with real-time leaderboards.


Increase conversions, cross-sell and upsell with personalized recommendations and offers.

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Save your SQL query as a REST Endpoint

Use Query Lambdas to create APIs



Hit the REST Endpoint from your application

Get results in milliseconds

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Rockset fits all the requirements that we have for a new kind of database. It's serverless, real-time, provides a common API like SQL, and is able to ingest event data easily via a Kafka connector. It's also blazingly fast as compared to on-prem databases we have used in the past, making it a great fit for modern data applications."

Ralph Debusmann, IOT Solution Architect at Bosch


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