Real-Time Search & Analytics on DynamoDB

Powerful SQL analytics without ETL

Powerful SQL Analytics on DynamoDB Without ETL

Rockset is a serverless search and analytics engine that enables real-time search and analytics on raw data from Amazon DynamoDB – with full featured SQL. Rockset takes an entirely new approach to loading, analyzing and serving data so that you can run powerful SQL analytics on data from DynamoDB without ETL.
Continuously load data from DynamoDB

Rockset delivers low data latency through native integrations with DynamoDB. Rockset initially batch loads data from DynamoDB, then switches to continuous tailing to stay in sync, with no more than few seconds delay. It automatically monitors to ensure consistency between DynamoDB and Rockset and purges old data using time-based retention policies. No ETL tools like AWS Glue required.

Explore unstructured data as SQL tables

Rockset enables millisecond SQL including joins, filters, aggregates and full text search. It schemalessly ingests raw data including nested JSON and automatically represents them as SQL tables. These smart schemas are dynamic so new fields automatically appear when the data changes in DynamoDB. Join, filter, aggregate across datasets without upfront schema definitions.

Serve applications and dashboards directly

Rockset delivers low query latency with cloud-native auto-scaling and performance isolation. Real-time applications can programmatically access Rockset via Python, Java, Javascript, GO or REST APIs and live dashboards can use SQL clients like Tableau, Redash, Apache Superset or others via the JDBC connector. Deploy operational analytics in production without staging in temporary databases.

Use Cases

Run ad hoc analytical queries that are not possible on DynamoDB. New data is queryable in seconds and queries return in under 100ms, so performance is no longer a limiting factor.   


Combine behavioral data with historical data. Infer user preferences in real-time. Personalize user experience.

Search Apps

Build rich interactive search apps & analytics with SQL based search, including full text search.

Live Views of Business

Create a unified index across data silos. Search and aggregate instantly. Automate sales, marketing & support ops.

How It Works

Rockset continuously tails DynamoDB so you don't have to manage ETL pipelines. It uses converged indexing to deliver real-time SQL over REST with serverless auto-scaling under the hood.

Learn More

As an operational data store optimized for transactions, Amazon DynamoDB is not well suited for powerful analytics. Learn about how to use Rockset for fast analytics on DynamoDB and see how it compares to other options.

In this blog, we will discuss how Rockset integrates with DynamoDB and continuously updates a collection automatically as new objects are added to a DynamoDB table. I will walk through steps on how to set up a live integration between Rockset and a DynamoDB table and run millisecond-latency SQL on it.

In this blog we compare options for real-time analytics on DynamoDB - Athena, Spark and Elastic - in terms of ease of setup, maintenance, query capability, latency. There is limited support for SQL analytics with some of these options. I also evaluate which use cases each of them are best suited for.

In this post I explore how to support analytical queries without encountering prohibitive scan costs, by leveraging secondary indexes in DynamoDB. I also evaluate the pros and cons of this approach in contrast to extracting data to another system like Athena, Spark or Elastic.

In this blog we’ll look at what it takes to build operational dashboards and reporting using standard data visualization tools, like Tableau, Grafana, Redash or Apache Superset.

In this blog we’ll evaluate a few popular approaches to present real-time data in a custom live dashboard, which you may choose if you have a web development team and need 100% control over the final dashboard UI.

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Decore Uses Rockset for Search & Analytics on DynamoDB

"DynamoDB and Rockset together gives us the best of both worlds—fast writes and fast analytics—with no need to trade off between the two. Queries that were impossible with DynamoDB alone are now completing in milliseconds with Rockset. Anyone running analytics on DynamoDB can get better performance just by hooking up their applications to Rockset and connecting it to DynamoDB.”
- Yenwen Feng, CEO Decore

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Rockset Concepts, Design and Architecture: Download Whitepaper