Real-Time Analytics on Kafka

Build real-time applications on event streams faster with Rockset.

Accelerate Application Development

Rockset accelerates the development of applications using indexes. As soon as event data lands in Rockset, the data is automatically indexed for lightning fast queries. Build applications using a SQL interface- search, aggregate and join across topics and data sources. Move to production by simply turning the SQL query into a REST endpoint.

Search and Analyze Event Data in Real-Time

Rockset continuously loads streaming data from Kafka and Kinesis using built-in connectors. No preprocessing of data required.

New data is queryable within 1 second of it being generated.

Explore Events Using SQL- with Full Joins

Rockset builds SQL tables on Kafka topics so you can run millisecond-latency joins, filters and aggregations on event data.

Data is automatically indexed in an inverted index, columnar index and row index for low query latency.

Operate at Scale with a Fully-Managed, Cloud-Native Solution

Automatic indexing, sharding and scaling. No ops required.

Query compute, ingest compute and storage scale independently for fast queries on bursty data.

Real-time Analytics Use Cases


Respond to changing conditions and identify problems early on by analyzing thousands of data points in real-time.

Customer 360s

Understand how customers interact with your organization across every channel with a single, unified view.


Increase conversions, cross-sell and upsell with personalized recommendations and offers.

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Create a Rockset account

Rockset is a fully managed cloud service



Connect Rockset to your event streaming platform

Rockset ingests event data schemalessly from Kafka or Kinesis



Save your SQL query as a REST Endpoint

Use Query Lambdas to create APIs



Hit the REST Endpoint from your application

Get results in milliseconds

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Rockset fits all the requirements that we have for a new kind of database. It's serverless, real-time, provides a common API like SQL, and is able to ingest event data easily via a Kafka connector. It's also blazingly fast as compared to on-prem databases we have used in the past, making it a great fit for modern data applications."

Ralph Debusmann, IOT Solution Architect at Bosch


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