Build Real-Time Dashboards with DynamoDB, Rockset, and Grafana - Live AWS + Rockset Presentation

DynamoDB is a popular, cloud-native NoSQL database. Unlike a traditional relational database management system (RDBMS), DynamoDB scales horizontally, obviating the need for careful capacity planning, resharding, and database maintenance. As a result, DynamoDB is the database of choice for companies building event-driven architectures and user-friendly, performant applications at scale. As such, DynamoDB is central to many modern applications in ad tech, gaming, IoT, and financial services.

Rockset is an excellent complement to DynamoDB for complex analytical workloads like complex aggregations and JOINs. Rockset is a real-time analytics database that’s able to ingest data with a latency of 1 - 2 seconds and execute heavy analytical SQL queries (with JOINs!) in milliseconds. When data is ingested from DynamoDB, it is indexed via Rockset’s Converged Index™, so terabytes of deeply nested data are queryable in under a second. Rockset indexes all fields in the document 3 different ways: a row index, columnar index, and an inverted index. Rockset also supports real-time updates, inserts, and deletes. Check out this presentation by Rockset and AWS on how to build real-time dashboards and applications using Amazon DynamoDB, Rockset and Grafana.


Nadine Farah
Nadine Farah is a Rockset senior developer advocate.
Shashi Raina
Shashi Raina is a AWS senior partner solution architect
Alex Debrie
Alex Debrie is a AWS hero dynamoDB expert

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