5 Steps for Migrating from Elasticsearch to Rockset for Search and Analytics

Ask most engineers, and they’ll describe “migration projects” with a 4 letter word. It’s typical to avoid and even fear migration projects. That’s because you have to balance added benefits against impact to production within an often complex and brittle system.

In this talk, we won’t gloss over migrations but present you with some well trodden techniques, tools to help in your migration journey and how you should think about the costs and ROI for your engineering team.

Here are a few of the areas we’ll delve into in this migration talk:

  • Methods for ingesting data from Elasticsearch into Rockset both for initial testing and for production deployments.
  • How to support common Elasticsearch use cases including text search and multi-tenant applications in Rockset
  • Best practices and tooling to help convert Elasticsearch DSL to Rockset SQL queries
  • Stress testing and A/B testing to go live in your deployment process

You’ll hear real life examples of customers who have made the migration from Elasticsearch to Rockset and leave with a better understanding of the process as well as methods for reducing risk and avoiding common pitfalls.


Patrick Druley is a Solution Engineer at Rockset
Julie Mills is a Director of Product Marketing at Rockset

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