Real-Time Analytics for Modern Data Apps: The Briefing Room with Rockset

We've heard the buzz around the modern data stack, but what about modern data apps? These span logistics tracking, personalization, risk analytics, and a host of operational intelligence use cases that either deliver fast user-facing analytics or enable organizations to run their businesses in real time. Building these apps calls for a data architecture that enables real-time analytics on both structured and semi-structured data, and is built for the cloud. How can we extend the modern data stack to support the low-latency, high-concurrency requirements of modern data apps?In this episode of The Briefing Room, hear Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh examine the sea change in Analytics. He'll be briefed by Shruti Bhat of Rockset, who will demonstrate how their platform organizes data in a Converged Index for sub-second SQL queries on data 1-2 seconds old. The result is a real-time analytics platform that eliminates the cost and complexity of developing modern data apps.

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