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How E-Learning Platform, Seesaw, Scaled 10x During Shutdown with Rockset & Hightouch

January 26, 11:00am-12:00pm PT

Learn how Seesaw operationalized their business by bringing real-time analytics into business applications, enabling their team to scale 10x during the COVID pandemic.

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Seesaw Learning provides a leading online student learning platform used by more than 10 million K-12 teachers, students and family members in the U.S. every month. When COVID-19 hit in early 2020 and forced schools to abruptly switch to full-time remote learning, the need for Seesaw’s platform skyrocketed. The number of student posts on its app increased tenfold and the paid customer base tripled. The app is now used by three-quarters of all American schools.

Though a dream for any company, the growth was exposing the gaps in Seesaw’s data infrastructure. Teachers and principals were clamoring for better reporting on their students, while Seesaw employees were begging for better internal application usage data to improve the customer experience. That’s when they reached out to Rockset and Hightouch for help.

Rockset is a real-time analytics database for serving fast search and analytics at scale.

Hightouch is the world's leading reverse ETL platform, which syncs data from a database to various SaaS tools.

In this webinar, learn how Seesaw:

  • Migrated from Elasticsearch, Amazon Athena, and custom python scripts to Rockset for real-time data analytics
  • Synced their DynamoDB to Rockset to power complex SQL queries that returned back in less than a second
  • Replaced brittle, custom built integrations to pull data from Rockset to Salesforce with Hightouch, saving valuable developer time
  • Used product usage data in Salesforce to reach out to low engagement customers to reduce churn, and identify product qualified leads (PQLs) for upsell opportunities
About the Speakers

Surafael Yared, Data Analyst at Seesaw. Surafael works on the Platform team building out the product analytics pipeline to unlock actionable insights for all internal teams and ultimately deliver the best experience for Seesaw users.

Emily Voigtlander, Product Manager at Seesaw. Emily is a product manager of the Platform and the teacher/student/family experience teams at Seesaw, building tools that inspire students to be their best and empower educators and families to support all learners.

Pedram Navid, Head of Data at Hightouch. Pedram is Head of Data at Hightouch, leading advocacy for data practitioners, community-building and the internal data stack. Prior to Hightouch, Pedram has worked as a data engineer building up a modern data stack from the ground up, a data scientist where he helped scale analytics at a major bank, contributes to open-source packages, and creates data memes on Twitter.

Shruti Bhat, Chief Product Officer at Rockset. Shruti is Rockset’s Chief Product Officer. Prior to joining Rockset, Shruti served as Senior Director of Product Management at Oracle, where she led a team responsible for cross-portfolio product management spanning Oracle’s SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS portfolio. She joined Oracle through the acquisition of Ravello Systems in 2016, where she was Vice President of Marketing. Previously, she also held product and engineering roles at VMware, IBM, and Hewlett-Packard.

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Register for the Tech Talk