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Modern Real-Time Data Stack: Emerging Cloud Architectures for Streaming Data Analytics

Join us for a talk on the modern real-time data stack that digital disrupters are using to transform the user experience.

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Digital disrupters are using real-time data to transform the user experience, offering real-time ETAs, personalization and predictive capabilities. With event streaming platforms like Kafka and Kinesis real-time data is now easily available. But real-time analytics (RTA) to power dashboards and applications continues to be a challenge. Cloud warehouses built for batch simply don’t cut it - they are too slow and expensive for RTA.

In this talk, we’ll discuss the modern real-time data stack that puts RTA within reach of all developers. Here’s what we have in store for the talk:

  • The modern data stack and key use cases deployed by digital disruptors for real-time insights on streaming data
  • A simple yet flexible end-to-end real-time architecture for faster development of digital products
  • Best practices for controlling cost and complexity of real-time analytics at scale
About the Speaker

Shruti Bhat leads product management and marketing at Rockset. Prior to Rockset, Shruti led Product Management for Oracle Cloud, with a focus on AI, IoT and Blockchain. Previously, Shruti was VP Marketing at Ravello Systems, where she drove the start-up's rapid growth from pre-launch to hundreds of customers and a successful acquisition. Prior to that, she was responsible for launching VMware's vSAN and has led engineering teams at HP and IBM. Shruti has a bachelor's in computer science engineering and an MBA from UCLA Anderson.

Watch the Tech Talk

Watch the Tech Talk