Rockset vs. Apache Druid for Real-Time Analytics

Rockset and Apache Druid are real-time analytics solutions commonly used with streaming data. Learn how they differ in their architecture and operations.

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Apache Druid and Rockset are both databases designed for real-time analytics, emphasizing the ability to ingest and query real-time data.

But the databases take a radically different approach to speed, flexibility and ease of use.

In our Rockset versus Druid technical whitepaper, we outline how Rockset delivers real-time analytics that cuts to the chase:

  • Architecture: Rockset is born in the cloud and separates storage and compute for better price-performance. Scale without the ops.
  • Ingesting Data: Rockset has built-in data connectors to minimize ingest latency
  • Querying Data: Rockset uses a Converged Index, indexing every field of semi-structured json (even deeply nested) to deliver low latency SQL queries

Download the whitepaper to compare Rockset vs Druid for real-time analytics on streaming data.

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