Index brings engineers building search, analytics and AI applications together, with a focus on the design and development of search, analytics and streaming engines. You’ll see engineers and architects present on how they built systems to scale to millions of users or centralize search infrastructure to serve a number of applications.

It’s an exciting time in the search space with the availability and accessibility of AI models introducing new ways and means of building personalization and recommendation systems. This conference is a platform to discuss these changes, encouraging participants to exchange ideas, introduce new concepts and collaborate on tooling and best practices for search and analytics.

Index welcomes diverse perspectives- from builders leveraging open source tools like Apache Lucene, Apache Flink and Apache Kafka, building their own infra in house or using cloud-native and serverless technologies. Topics include:
  • Search and analytics systems: Discuss system improvements and academic research that offer new solutions to search, matching and relevance problems.
  • AI and vector databases: Learn about ANN indexing algorithms, vector databases, online feature stores and the challenges related to production deployments of models.
  • Streaming data infrastructure: Discuss challenges dealing with event and CDC streaming data pipelines and tools and mechanisms to achieve better data quality, manage state, and compatibility of schemas.
  • Cloud and serverless advancements: Talk about innovations in database-as-a-service and how to address resource isolation and latency in serverless systems.

Index embraces inclusivity, transparency, and shared growth. We want the benefits to be shared by the community; all presentations will be recorded and shared openly.