Build search, analytics and AI apps at cloud scale

Real-time indexing. Full-featured SQL. Compute-compute separation. The cloud-native alternative to Elasticsearch.

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World's fastest search and analytics database

Measuring end-to-end latency with streaming ingest and high QPS workload
Streaming Ingest
p95 Query Latency
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Speed at scale

Real-time indexing

Continuously ingest and index JSON, geospatial, time series and vector embeddings, with real-time updates. Built-in integrations for Kafka, MongoDB, DynamoDB, S3, OpenAI and LangChain.
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Millisecond SQL

Standard SQL for search, filtering, aggregations, joins and vector search with metadata filtering. Converged Index stored on RocksDB enables fast, efficient data retrieval over hundreds of TBs.
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Built for the cloud

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Compute-storage separation

Index JSON data in a mutable Converged Index, which allows the SQL optimizer to minimize scans. Separate compute from storage for efficient scaling.
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Compute-compute separation

Isolate compute for streaming ingest and query processing to avoid compute contention. Scale QPS in seconds, without additional replicas.
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Why Rockset

Build in days not months

Iterate faster with schemaless ingest and all-in-one indexing for any data including real-time streams, geospatial and vector embeddings.

Scale with confidence

Handle ingest spikes and query bursts without any performance lags. Fully managed cloud database with enterprise-grade security & compliance.

Pay only for what you use

Eliminate over-provision compute or storage. Set auto-scaling to scale up or down in seconds based on actual load. Consumption-based pricing.
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For real-time search, analytics and AI apps

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Rockset delivered true real-time indexing and queries that didn’t just match Elasticsearch, but did so at much lower operational effort and cost.

Emmanuel Fuentes,
Head of Machine Learning and Data Platforms

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Rockset has proved to meet our requirements with its ability to scale, exist as an open and accessible cloud service, and query big datasets quickly.

Jane Xu,
Software Engineer

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