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Real-Time Analytics at Cloud Scale

The real-time indexing database that serves millisecond-latency search, aggregations and joins on TBs of data

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Rethink What’s Possible with Real-Time Analytics

Rockset enables interactive real-time analytics in your application - logistics tracking, security analytics, gaming leaderboards and more. Our radical approach makes real-time analytics fast, flexible and easy by indexing every field in your structured, semi-structured, geo or time series data.

We’ve removed many of the barriers developers face when building data applications at scale. We’ve freed teams from data preparation, performance engineering and operations - replacing it with real-time search and analytics that scales with your application.

125x faster queries

Run faster, higher concurrency queries than any interactive SQL engine.

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1 second data latency

New data is queryable within 1 second of being generated, an end-to-end latency no warehouse can achieve.

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15x fewer ops hours/month

Spend fewer operational hours per month as compared to Elasticsearch or Druid.

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Speed at Scale


Index everything for fast, compute-efficient queries

Rockset indexes all fields, including nested fields, in a Converged Index™ which combines an inverted index, a columnar index and a row index. Our optimizer uses these indexes in parallel, exploiting selective query patterns and accelerating aggregations over large numbers of records, to achieve millisecond latencies at significantly lower compute costs.

Ingest millions of events per second. New data is reflected in queries with p95 of 2 seconds. Aggregate billions of rows in a few milliseconds. Complex search queries on 100 billion records return in 100 milliseconds. Serve multi-tenant high-concurrency applications at massive scale.

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Ship faster. Enable new types of queries without restructuring your data

Standard SQL including JOINs on multi-dimensional data. Search, aggregate and join any data, including semi-structured data from NoSQL databases, without defining indexes, specifying schemas or denormalizing data. A flexible data model where new data is ingested schemalessly and a schema automatically generated based on the exact fields and types present. No more schema drift.

Move away from rigid data pipelines by indexing directly from your database CDC, Kafka event streams, warehouse or lake. Iterate rapidly by adding new data sources in minutes. Create new data APIs using Query Lambdas. Release new features in days not weeks.

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Go serverless to minimize time spent managing clusters

Built to exploit the elasticity of the cloud. Scale your customer-facing analytics without the hassle of installing, configuring and tuning a database. Rockset is a highly reliable, massively distributed system with fully managed infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your application development.

Reduce your ops costs. Increase your hardware efficiency in the cloud. Auto-scale compute and storage independently for the best price-performance. Experience freedom from provisioning, capacity planning, scaling, sharding and index management.

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Real-time analytics at lightning speed

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Real-time Data Serving For Applications

Rockset ingests and indexes data in real-time from OLTP databases, streams or lakes and acts as a speed layer for serving analytical queries to real-time applications.

Core Features

Built-In Data Connectors

Click and connect securely to MongoDB, DynamoDB, Kafka, Kinesis, S3, GCS and more. Data is continuously indexed using change streams. As new inserts, updates or deletes happen in your data source, changes are reflected in your queries in seconds.

Distributed SQL

Query semi-structured data using a distributed SQL engine. Full support for search, aggregations, inner and outer joins, with added extensions for working with nested data. Native support for nested JSON, XML, Parquet, Avro and CSV.

Converged Index™

All fields in all documents are automatically indexed in a Converged Index™ backed by RocksDB-Cloud, to enable millisecond latency analytical queries on massive datasets.

Query Lambdas

Save a SQL query as a REST endpoint and turn it into an API with Query Lambdas. Version-control your queries. Access effortlessly from your favorite web or mobile frameworks, GraphQL, or any programming language.

Use Cases

  • Real-time Personalization icon
    Real-time Personalization

    Harness clickstream data to create compelling user experiences. Move from batch to real-time for personalized targeting and generate recommendations while the user's session is still active.

  • Gaming icon

    Create competition in the game with leaderboards and social features. By indexing your data, you can build more engaging features faster without impacting your primary game database.

  • Real-time Customer 360 icon
    Real-time Customer 360

    Get a unified view of your customers actions in real-time. Join and aggregate data from multiple channels as-it-happens, for support tooling, product monitoring and marketing automation.

  • Logistics icon

    Monitor fleets, manage inventory in real-time and do predictive maintenance. Analyze thousands of data points in your fleet, the environment and inventory management systems to take real-time actions.

  • AI icon

    Test, validate and deploy models faster by analyzing live data in real-time. Easily move models to production with a serving layer that can search, aggregate and join data at scale.

  • IoT icon

    Analyze sensor data in real-time, detect anomalies and trigger automations. Take the right actions at the right time by using real-time sort, filter and search functionalities on raw sensor data at scale.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Rockset fits all the requirements that we have for a new kind of database. It's serverless, real-time, provides a common API like SQL, and is able to ingest event data easily via a Kafka connector. It's also blazingly fast as compared to on-prem databases we have used in the past, making it a great fit for modern data applications."

Ralph Debusmann, IOT Solution Architect at Bosch

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Built on RocksDB

Rockset efficiently indexes all fields in all documents in a Converged Index™ built on RocksDB, which is a high performance, embedded, distributed storage engine used by other modern datastores like CockroachDB, Kafka, Flink. RocksDB was created and open-sourced by the Rockset founding team.

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