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Fast SQL on NoSQL data from Kafka, DynamoDB, S3 and more.
News: Rockset Unveils Real-Time SQL Analytics for Raw Events from Apache Kafka

Go from Useful Data to Useful Applications in Minutes

Use familiar SQL to ask your data anything, without worrying about the shape of the data or the complexity of your query. Power your data-driven application or interactive dashboard with SQL queries directly on raw data, without managing custom pipelines, servers or databases. Rockset is operational analytics at warp speed.

What is Rockset

Rockset is a scalable, reliable search and analytics service in the cloud that makes it easy to build fast operational applications on TBs of data simply using SQL. Rockset delivers millisecond-latency SQL directly on raw data, including nested JSON, XML, Parquet and CSV, without any ETL. Use Rockset to build a Python application that analyzes real-time sensor data. Or an interactive Tableau dashboard that queries operational data from your data lake. Or trigger a lambda function to expose your own data API internally.

Why Rockset

A simpler data stack is fundamental to making data usable by developers. Without the burden of ETL, database tuning and server provisioning, teams can direct all their efforts towards building amazing applications, faster.

Familiar SQL without any ETL
Explore your semi-structured data as a SQL table without defining a schema ahead of time, and run familiar SQL queries (including JOINs) directly from your application or interactive dashboard.

see how:A Pittsburgh developer runs SQL on raw JSON weather and pollution data
Fast ad hoc queries
Your data is automatically distributed, replicated and indexed in real-time, so you get millisecond-latency SQL without having to know the shape of your data or type of query before hand.

see how:Decore runs SQL queries on DynamoDB in milliseconds
Scale without servers
Scale your queries to thousands of QPS while your data footprint grows from few GBs to tens of TBs - with no capacity planning, no clusters to manage and no scaling limits.

see how:Fynd saves time and energy in analyzing 40 real-time metrics from Kafka

How it Works

A new way to load, process and serve data so you can get started in minutes and scale effortlessly.

Data generated by users, sensors or applications
raw data
Raw data captured in your stream, lake, warehouse or operational database
live sync
Millisecond-latency SQL over TBs of raw data, without any ETL
sql over rest
Data-driven application or interactive dashboard
Connect securely to your data source
Use one of Rockset's native integrations with DynamoDB, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon Redshift, Kinesis, Apache Kafka and more to securely load your data. Stay in sync with your source without building custom pipelines.
Explore semi-structured data as SQL table
Your nested JSON, XML, CSV or Parquet dataset is converted into a SQL table without requiring a schema ahead of time. Rockset distributes, replicates and indexes your dataset so you can run millisecond-latency SQL (including JOINs) over TBs of data.
Query directly from application or dashboard
Query Rockset from a Python Flask app. Or from an interactive Tableau dashboard. Or from AWS Lambdas to expose your own data APIs. Rockset auto-scales storage and compute, so you get reliable performance without having to manage servers or databases.

Operational Analytics in the Cloud

In the digital world, you need to analyze data to trigger actions as changes happen, which typically means you need to query TBs of data in real-time. This is operational analytics, and it demands new capabilities that are not possible with transactional databases or data warehouses.

Transactional Databases
Data Access
Data Scale
Few GBs - Few TBs
Query Latency
Query Complexity
Operational Analytics
Data Access
Data Scale
Few GBs - Hundreds of TBs
Query Latency
Query Complexity
Data Warehouses
Data Access
Data Scale
Query Latency
Query Complexity

Our Customers

See how the most innovative companies do more with their data, faster.

"Building our dashboard on Rockset was the easiest way to analyze our call data in DynamoDB and get real-time insights on the metrics we care about."

-Naresh Talluri, product manager at FULL Creative

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