The real-time analytics platform built for the cloud

Sub-second queries on real-time data. Build user-facing analytics with surprising efficiency.

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Performance without compromise

Rockset connects to your data, ingests and indexes any new changes in real time, and gives you sub-second SQL and data APIs.
Real-time SQL analytics
Search, aggregate and join any data at scale, with sub-second response.
67% faster queries
vs. ClickHouse
Cloud-native efficiency
Scale efficiently with cost-efficient converged indexing and compute-storage separation in the cloud.
21% less compute
vs. Druid
Iterate faster
Build data apps in weeks, not months, regardless of the shape of your data.
20x faster development
vs. Elasticsearch

Designed for user-facing analytics

Accelerate revenue and drive operational efficiencies with powerful digital experiences, built in days - not months.

Architected for efficiency

Rockset is fully mutable and supports in-place updates at the field level, so expensive merge operations are not needed. SQL rollups aggregate data at ingest, reducing data size by up to 100x and minimizing the compute required for queries.

Rockset organizes all your data in a Converged Index™ for the most efficient retrieval, avoiding the costly scans that data warehouses rely on. Compute and storage are separated and scale independently so that resources do not have to be overprovisioned.

Simplify your stack, transform your business

With Rockset
Built-in connectors
Continuous sync from databases, streams and lakes without managing additional tools or pipelines
SQL rollups and transformations
Aggregate and filter data at ingest to reduce storage size and improve query performance
Converged Index™
Rockset indexes all ingested data to enable fast search, aggregations and joins
Compute-storage separation
Scale compute and storage independently for the most efficient use of resources

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