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Create powerful APIs using SQL on semi-structured data. Get going in minutes with a serverless real-time indexing database.
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Fast APIs for Real-Time Search, Aggregations and Joins

Rockset is a real-time indexing database in the cloud. It automatically builds indexes that are optimized not just for search but also aggregations and joins, making it fast and easy for your applications to query data, regardless of where it comes from and what format it is in.

Data-driven applications use real-time and historical data from user interactions and other sources to deliver personalized and adaptive user experiences. Rockset lets you create fast APIs using SQL to query structured, semi-structured, geo and time-series data in real time, so you can build these types of engaging applications faster.

  • Create your own API in minutes using SQL

    Create APIs using SQL for search, aggregations and joins on relational, semi-structured or nested data. Replace 100s of lines of code for client-side joins with a single API call.

    Rockset automatically indexes your data, so a search API on 100 billion records returns in under 100 milliseconds.

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  • Use any data in real-time with schemaless ingest

    Index data continuously from your database, stream, or data lake using built-in connectors. No data prep or pipelines even if your data is JSON, Parquet, Avro or XML.

    Our real-time indexes ensure changes in your source system reflect in your API in seconds.

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  • Scale reliably by offloading queries to a speed layer

    Scale to millions of fast API calls without impacting the performance of your primary database.

    Our external real-time indexes give you total performance isolation so you can iterate faster and scale independently in the cloud.

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APIs You Can Create

Explore sample real-time APIs that power data-driven applications and microservices like recommendation engines, personalization features, geo-tracking services, leaderboards, risk scoring engines, customer 360s and vision-AI applications.

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    {Leaderboard API}

    source: gamer, tournaments and scores tables from DynamoDB
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    {Leaderboard API}

    source: gamer, tournaments and scores tables from DynamoDB
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    {Item Tracking API}

    source: store_items and location Kafka topics
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    {Blockchain Search API}

    source: blockchain table from DynamoDB
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    {Shopping Recommendation API}

    source: shopping_cart, orders, lineitems collections from DynamoDB
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    {Location Search API}

    source: water polygon data loaded from a geopanda script
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    {Customer 360 API}

    source: login-activity and clickstream Kafka topics and orders and shopping-cart collections from MongoDB
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    {Product Recommendation API}

    source: recommendations bucket from S3 and orders and lineitems collections from MongoDB
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    {Connected Car API}

    source: vehicle_sensor Kafka topic

How to Create Your API

  • Step 1 icon
    Step 1
    Create an account and login to Rockset
    Rockset is a fully managed cloud service
  • Step 2 icon
    Step 2
    Connect to your data source
    Rockset builds external indexes for you
  • Step 3 icon
    Step 3
    Save your SQL statement as a Query Lambda
    You get a REST endpoint for your API
  • Step 4 icon
    Step 4
    Hit the REST endpoint from your application code
    Get results in milliseconds

Connect Your Data Source

Built-in connectors continuously index data from your database, stream, or data lake without pre-defined schemas. For example, as updates happen in MongoDB, your Rockset index is also updated. Or if you drop changes into an S3 bucket, your APIs will reflect those changes in seconds. Connecting your data source lets you search, aggregate and join across different types of data, in real time.

Under the Hood

You can create APIs for low latency queries on several TBs of data, including deeply nested JSON, without any data prep. Making this possible is a massively scalable real-time indexing database in the cloud.

  • Converged Indexing™

    Rockset indexes all fields, including nested fields, in a Converged Index™ which combines an inverted index for search and filter queries, a column index for aggregations and a row index for random reads. Rockset’s custom-built SQL query optimizer selects the best index for the query, giving you millisecond query latency.

  • Distributed Query Processing

    Rockset parallelizes query execution across multiple levels of query aggregators, automatically spinning up more nodes as needed. Its SQL query optimizer identifies the execution plan best suited for each query and distributes tasks across nodes to minimize query latency.

  • Serverless auto-scaling

    Handle sudden spikes in data ingest or query volume with zero impact to performance. Rockset’s completely serverless Aggregator Leaf Tailer Architecture (ALT) breaks down ingest, storage, and queries into components that can be independently scaled up and down in the cloud as needed.

"Building our dashboard on Rockset was the easiest way to analyze our call data in DynamoDB and get real-time insights on the metrics we care about."

-Naresh Talluri, product manager at FULL Creative

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