The Real-Time Database in the Cloud
Fast queries on event streams and database change streams
Online talk with Confluent: Bosch Power Tools Enables Real-time Analytics on IoT Event Streams, Feb 27

The Database for Real-Time Analytics

Rockset is a real-time database built for the cloud. It provides fast, full-featured SQL on event streams and database change streams from Kafka, Kinesis, DynamoDB, and more. Use Rockset as your database for serving data APIs and live dashboards.

Fast Answers on Fresh Data

Real-Time SQL on DynamoDB
Run complex SQL to analyze data from DynamoDB change streams without having to specify a schema.
  • Embedded analytics
  • SaaS application features
  • Recommendation engines
Real-Time SQL on Kafka
Join event streams from Kafka with data in other systems to act on live data.
  • Operational dashboards
  • IoT applications
  • Clickstream analysis
Real-Time SQL on S3 and GCS
Run SQL analytics on semi- structured data in S3 and GCS. Query new data as it lands in your data lake.
  • Live dashboards
  • 3rd-party data sets
  • Analytics on transactional data from operational DBs

The Database That Indexes Everything

Rockset automatically indexes all fields with Converged IndexingTM, which combines the power of search and columnar indexes. It offers the fastest way to search and analyze real-time data and serve live dashboards and APIs.

Data generated by users, sensors or applications
raw data
Raw data captured in your stream, lake, or operational database
live sync
Millisecond-latency SQL over TBs of raw data
sql over rest
Data-driven application or interactive dashboard
Streaming ingest
  • Low-latency inserts and updates from event streams and database change streams
  • Schemaless ingestion of nested JSON, Avro, XML, CSV, and Parquet
  • Exactly once semantics with timestamp-based handling of out-of-order events
Fast, powerful queries
  • Data stream is auto-schematized and queryable in seconds
  • Millisecond-latency queries on TBs of data
  • Developer APIs for powerful SQL aggregations, filtering, and joins
Built for performance in the cloud
  • All fields automatically indexed with Converged IndexingTM
  • Scale ingest and query compute indepedently to guarantee low latency
  • Auto-scaling instance types for the price-performance you need

The Power of Now

Provide developers the data they need, at the speed they require, with the reliability they demand. Without the burden of database tuning and performance engineering, data teams can enable developers in building amazing applications faster.

Move faster
Stream in new, messy data sets instantly, without being bottlenecked on data pipelines.
Act on the freshest data
Give applications continuous access to up-to-date data.
Serve real-time applications
Give developers the performance they need for their most demanding applications.
Be confident
When speed is important, your uptime is critical.

Real-Time Analytics in the Cloud

Rockset is designed for real-time analytics, which demands new capabilities that are not possible with data warehouses or transactional databases.

Real-time analytics means analyzing your data to trigger actions as events occur. It requires querying incoming data in real time, when ETL pipelines would take too long, which precludes the use of data warehouses. It involves complex analytical queries on up to hundreds of TBs of data, for which transactional databases are not well suited.

Our Customers

See how the most innovative companies do more with their data, faster.

"Building our dashboard on Rockset was the easiest way to analyze our call data in DynamoDB and get real-time insights on the metrics we care about."

-Naresh Talluri, product manager at FULL Creative

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