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  • Standard Cognition
    Standard Cognition uses Rockset to deliver data APIs and real-time metrics for vision AI
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    “We need to be able to drive product improvements from conception to production rapidly, and that involves being able to run experiments and analyize real-time metrics quickly and simply,” says Tushar Dadlani, computer vision engineering manager at Standard Cognition.

  • Bosch
    Bosch Power Tools uses event streaming with manufacturing data from IoT sensor devices to monitor and respond to inefficiencies in the production system
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    “Rockset fits all the requirements that we have for a new kind of database. It's serverless, real-time, provides a common API like SQL, and is able to ingest event data easily via a Kafka connector. It's also blazingly fast as compared to on-prem databases we have used in the past, making it a great fit for modern data applications,” says Ralph Debusmann, IOT Solution Architect at Bosch.

  • eGoGames
    eGoGames uses Rockset for real-time analytics on gaming data in Amazon DynamoDB and S3
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    “eGoGames is a gaming company, so speed is important to us. We need to analyze our data in real time, and Rockset is critical to making this possible,” says eGoGames CDO David Serna.

Customer Love

We use Rockset to power many of our internal-facing applications because it is the rare tool that enables us to both speed development time (no need to fix schemas a priori) and data delivery (most queries return within 200 ms).

Hem Wadhar, Sequoia Capital

I’m amazed with what you’ve created with Rockset. With Rockset I can go back and redesign my Dynamo tables as a ‘master truth’ document and use Rockset to query and retrieve the data.

Dave Ratz, Montana Natural Heritage Program

We chose Rockset over Druid, because it requires no planning whatsoever in terms of indexes or scaling. In one hour, we were up and running, serving complex OLAP queries for our live leaderboards and dashboards at very high queries per second.

Yaron Levi, Rumble

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Standard Cognition

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  • Case Study

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    Building Lifesaving IoT Alerting Devices using Rockset and DynamoDB

    A French connected devices company, ido-data, uses Rockset and DynamoDB to build real-time applications on geospatial data in a matter of weeks.

  • Case Study

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    StoryFire - Scaling a Social Video Platform on MongoDB and Rockset

    StoryFire uses Rockset to index data from their transactional MongoDB database to achieve performance and scale for analytical queries on their social video platform.

  • Case Study

    Case study cover image

    Fynd - How Does a Growing E-Commerce Portal Respond to Consumer Behavior in Real Time?

    Fynd uses Rockset to perform fast queries on real-time event streams, so they can react to consumer behavior as it happens.

  • Case Study

    Case study cover image

    Matter Uses Rockset to Bring AI-Powered Sustainable Insights to Investors

    With Rockset, Danish fintech Matter has the flexibility to run analytical queries on semi-structured data in S3 and DynamoDB as part of their NLP architecture.

  • Case Study

    Case study cover image

    KaHa Technologies: Fleet Management System- An End-to-End Streaming Data Pipeline

    Fleet operators often suffer business and monetary losses due to a lack of information on the health of their fleet and inventory it carries. This problem arises due to a lack of real-time data on vehicle health or inventory health, to take preemptive action or real-time action.

  • Case Study

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    FULL Uses Rockset with DynamoDB for Live Dashboard to Manage Remote Workforce

    FULL Creative uses Rockset to build live dashboards and run complex SQL on contact center call data in DynamoDB.

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