Live Office Hours: How to optimize query latency with SQL performance tuning

We’re hosting a live office hour session on how to optimize query latency with SQL performance tuning. During office hours, we’ll walk through:

  • The differences between columnar and search indexes
  • How to use the query profiler
  • Go over performance tweaks with JOINs
  • When to use column scan hints

Real-time fun

You can expect some lively conversation in the Rockset Community during and after the event. Chat with us during post office hours in the community with Dhruba (CTO) and David (Director of Solution Architect)


David is the Director of Solution Architecture at Rockset. Prior to Rockset, he's helped customers with various innovative database solutions. You can find him playing and traveling with his two Rottweilers and family.
Nadine Farah is a Senior Developer Advocate at Rockset leading Rockset’s developer initiatives. Prior to Rockset, she was at Bose working with the Bose AR team.You can follow her on LinkedIn or Twitter

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