The Real-Time Analytics Ecosystem

Learn about the partners and technologies that are enabling any data and engineering team to realize real-time analytics.

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Event and CDC Streams Rockset has click-and-connect integrations to databases, streams and lakes so you can run queries within 2 seconds of data being generated.
  • Rockset follows CDC streams from MongoDB, DynamoDB, Postgres and more so you can leverage the latest data for analytics while ensuring the reliability and isolation of your primary database
  • Increase the value of streaming data from Kafka and Kinesis by joining it with historical and operational data for real-time analytics.
Rockset partners with Confluent to enable customers like Bosch to create modern data applications on streaming data.Learn more ➝
Rockset is an AWS Technology Partner and available for purchase on the AWS marketplace. See how Seesaw and Command Alkon implemented real-time analytics in days with AWS and Rockset.Learn more ➝
Search, aggregate and join data from MongoDB for real-time analytics.Learn more ➝
UI Libraries & Visualization ToolsRockset is SQL compatible, giving you access to an ecosystem of visualization tools. Drive operational efficiency with ad-hoc slicing and dicing of data and real-time visualizations in Grafana, Preset, Retool, Tableau and more.
Create operational dashboards in minutes with Rockset and Grafana.Learn more ➝
Build internal applications like real-time customer 360s with Rockset and Retool. Learn more ➝
Build real-time dashboards and reports on streaming data with Rockset and Tableau. Learn more ➝
Reverse ETLCompanies are closing the data loop, providing rich customer insights from within sales, success and marketing SaaS platforms. Rockset partners with reverse ETL companies including Hightouch, Census and Omnata to give internal teams access to real-time insights from within the SaaS platforms they live in everyday.
Rockset and Census bring real-time data to any business workflow.Learn more ➝
Rockset and Hightouch partner to bring real-time actionable insights to customers. Learn more ➝
Omnata live queries Rockset to bring fresh analytics to sales and service teams.Learn more ➝
Real-Time TransformationsTransforming streaming data should not require learning a new query language or experiencing high maintenance costs. Rockset integrates with dbt, an immensely popular ELT tool that is all in SQL, making it easier than ever for data teams to transform data in real time. Learn more ➝
Infrastructure-as-Code with HashicorpRockset partners with Hashicorp, the company behind Terraform, to help customers provision, secure, connect and run their business-critical applications. Learn more ➝

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