Real-Time SQL on NoSQL
Live dashboards and APIs on DynamoDB, Kafka, S3, and more
Tech Talk: SQL on NoSQL - Enabling Real-Time Analytics on DynamoDB, Feb 13
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Serverless Search and Analytics

Rockset is a fully managed search and analytics service that provides full-featured SQL on data in DynamoDB, Kafka, S3, Redshift, Kinesis, Google Cloud Storage, and more. Use Rockset as your data backend for building real-time APIs and live dashboards.

SQL on NoSQL Solutions

SQL on DynamoDB
Run complex SQL to aggregate and filter data in DynamoDB without having to specify a schema.
  • Operational dashboards
  • SaaS application features
  • Recommendation engines
SQL on Kafka
Join event streams from Kafka with data in other systems to perform real-time business analytics.
  • Real-time dashboards
  • IoT applications
  • Clickstream analysis
SQL on S3 and GCS
Run SQL analytics on semi- structured data in S3 and GCS. Query new data as it lands in your data lake.
  • Live dashboards
  • 3rd-party data sets
  • Analytics on transactional data from operational DBs

Using Rockset

Rockset offers the simplest and fastest way to ingest and query data to serve real-time APIs and live dashboards.

Data generated by users, sensors or applications
raw data
Raw data captured in your stream, lake, warehouse or operational database
live sync
Millisecond-latency SQL over TBs of raw data
sql over rest
Data-driven application or interactive dashboard
Sync to your data source
Use one of Rockset’s native connectors to DynamoDB, Kafka, S3, Google Cloud Storage, Redshift, Kinesis, and more to securely load your data.

Rockset automatically turns raw data from databases, streams, and data lakes into SQL tables, without requiring upfront schema defintion.
Run fast SQL queries on unstructured data
Construct fast SQL queries on nested JSON, XML, CSV, or Parquet. Get millisecond-latency responses on complex SQL, including aggregations, filtering, and joins.
Connect real-time APIs and live dashboards
Connect to Rockset and make queries from Python, Java, JavaScript, or Go, or use Rockset's REST API, to provide APIs to developers and power application features.

Establish a live connection between Rockset and a SQL visualization tool, like Tableau, Apache Superset, Redash, or Grafana, to create dashboards that stay up to date by continually querying the latest data.

Why Rockset

A simpler data stack is fundamental to making data usable by developers. Without the burden of ETL, database tuning and server provisioning, teams can direct all their efforts towards building amazing applications, faster.

Familiar SQL
Run complex SQL, including JOINs, on nested JSON, XML, CSV, and Parquet. No upfront schema definition or ETL required.
Live sync of new data
Built-in connectors capture updates to data sources. New data is visible in query results within seconds.
Fast ad hoc queries
Millisecond-latency SQL, to power developer APIs and interactive dashboards, with no performance engineering needed.
Fully managed cloud service
Get started quickly and scale seamlessly. Free yourself from the burden of operations, capacity planning, and upgrades.

Operational Analytics in the Cloud

Rockset is designed for operational analytics, which demands new capabilities that are not possible with data warehouses or transactional databases.

Operational analytics means analyzing your data to trigger actions as events occur. It requires querying incoming data in real time, when ETL pipelines would take too long, which precludes the use of data warehouses. It involves complex analytical queries on up to hundreds of TBs of data, for which transactional databases are not well suited.

Our Customers

See how the most innovative companies do more with their data, faster.

"Building our dashboard on Rockset was the easiest way to analyze our call data in DynamoDB and get real-time insights on the metrics we care about."

-Naresh Talluri, product manager at FULL Creative

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