Rockset Empowers Developers with Real-Time SQL for MongoDB

Rockset and MongoDB join forces to make it easier and faster for developers to build intelligent applications that combine data across MongoDB and other sources in real-time

SAN MATEO, Calif. – May 6th, 2020 – Rockset, the company that lets developers create fast, powerful data APIs, today announced a partnership with MongoDB and released deep product integration with its global cloud database, MongoDB Atlas, that makes it faster and easier for developers to combine data across MongoDB and other data sources using SQL. Built by the team behind RocksDB and the Facebook online data platform, Rockset is ideal for powering services like recommendation engines, personalization, gaming leaderboards, IoT apps, GPS-enabled tracking and vision-AI based automation.

MongoDB is used by millions of developers worldwide to power mobile, web, gaming, IoT and other applications. By integrating Rockset with MongoDB, developers can build real-time services that combine data across MongoDB and other data sets by creating APIs for low latency search, aggregations and joins.

As a serverless auto-scaling backend, Rockset builds fully isolated external indexes on the latest data so that developers can search, aggregate and join data across MongoDB, Apache Kafka, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and more in real-time. Rockset helps developers build intelligent services and applications faster by providing APIs that execute advanced queries in milliseconds.

The Rockset and MongoDB integration:

  • Gives developers real-time SQL experience for search, aggregations and JOINs across MongoDB and other data sets.
  • Allows developers to write less code by enabling execution of SQL JOINs easily via data APIs.
  • Reduces the need to build and maintain complex Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) tools and pipelines.

“Intelligent applications—such as customer 360, inventory management, fraud detection and personalization—help companies deliver new customer experiences and increase efficiencies,” said Venkat Venkataramani, Co-founder and CEO of Rockset. “As the world’s leading non-relational database, MongoDB is used by millions of developers to power the world's most innovative products and services. Rockset provides these developers a powerful SQL API for low latency JOINs and aggregations across MongoDB and other data. We’re excited to extend our close relationship with the team at MongoDB with this new integration.”

“MongoDB has become one of the most popular choices for modern applications because its intuitive document model gives developers a better way to work with data. We are committed to giving users the freedom and flexibility to run MongoDB however best suits their specific needs, and we’re excited to see ecosystem partners like Rockset provide a rich, interactive SQL experience that enables developers to combine MongoDB with other data sets,” said Jeff Sposetti, Vice President of Product Management for Analytics & Tools at MongoDB.

To learn more about the Rockset and MongoDB integration, join the Rockset team at on June 8.

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