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We Are Building a Data-Driven Future

Rockset is a real-time indexing database that enables companies to build data applications at cloud scale.

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Our Team

Rockset is built by experts with decades of experience in web-scale data management and distributed systems. The team comprises engineers who founded Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) at Yahoo, scaled the online data platform at Facebook and created RocksDB, the open source embedded storage engine used by CockroachDB, Kafka, Flink and many modern databases today.


Venkat Venkataramani

Venkat Venkataramani

CEO & Co-Founder

Venkat Venkataramani is CEO and co-founder of Rockset. He was previously an Engineering Director in the Facebook infrastructure team responsible for all online data services that stored and served Facebook user data. Collectively, these systems worked across 5 geographies and served more than 5 billion queries a second. Prior to Facebook, Venkat worked on the Oracle Database.

Dhruba Borthakur

Dhruba Borthakur

CTO & Co-Founder

Dhruba Borthakur is CTO and co-founder of Rockset, responsible for the company's technical direction. He was an engineer on the database team at Facebook, where he was the founding engineer of the RocksDB data store. Earlier at Yahoo, he was one of the founding engineers of the Hadoop Distributed File System. He was also a contributor to the open source Apache HBase project. Dhruba previously held various roles at Veritas Software, founded an e-commerce startup, Oreceipt.com, and contributed to Andrew File System (AFS) at IBM-Transarc Labs.

Shruti Bhat

Shruti Bhat

SVP, Product & Marketing

Shruti Bhat leads product management and marketing at Rockset. Prior to Rockset, Shruti led Product Management for Oracle Cloud, with a focus on AI, IoT and Blockchain. Previously, Shruti was VP Marketing at Ravello Systems, where she drove the start-up's rapid growth from pre-launch to hundreds of customers and a successful acquisition. Prior to that, she was responsible for launching VMware's vSAN and has led engineering teams at HP and IBM. Shruti has a bachelor's in computer science engineering and an MBA from UCLA Anderson.

Tudor Bosman

Tudor Bosman

Chief Architect

Tudor Bosman leads architecture for Rockset's search and analytics engine. Prior to Rockset, Tudor was an engineer at Facebook, where he spearheaded Unicorn, Facebook's search engine, and built infrastructure for the Facebook AI Research Lab and Facebook's applied machine learning initiative. Prior to Facebook, Tudor worked at Google on Gmail's storage and indexing backend, and at Oracle on database server internals. Tudor holds an MS in Computer Science from Stanford and a BS in Computer Science from Caltech.

Jerry Chen

Jerry Chen

Board of Directors

Jerry invests in entrepreneurs building new enterprise SaaS applications and in all aspects of AI and cloud infrastructure. He joined Greylock in 2013 as an investor and led Greylock’s investment in Notable Health and currently sits on the Board of Docker, Cato Networks, Gladly, Rhumbix, Spoke, and Blend. Prior to joining Greylock, Jerry was Vice President of Cloud and Application Services at VMware where he was part of the executive team that scaled the company from 250 to over 15,000 employees and $5B in revenue. During his ten years at VMware, Jerry launched dozens of products including several “1.0” releases and started two new business units for VMware including the Cloud Application Platform and the Enterprise Desktop business units.

Mike Vernal

Mike Vernal

Board of Directors

Mike Vernal is a partner at Sequoia Capital, where he focuses on partnering with early-stage technology companies. He currently sits on the board of Citizen, Houseparty, RideOS, and Rockset. Prior to joining Sequoia, Mike was a Vice President at Facebook, where he led product, engineering and design for large pieces of the Facebook app (including Search, Profile, and Platform). After joining as an engineer in early 2008, he was the co-creator of Facebook Login, Social Plugins (e.g., the Like button) and the Graph API. He later led the teams that created Facebook’s Mobile App Ads, Audience Network and Post Search.

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We're a fast-growing company. We value curiosity, diversity and open-mindedness. Rockset is a fun place to work. You will solve interesting problems, surrounded by exceptional people, while making customers happy. We work hard, but also take our personal lives and experiences seriously. We are based in San Mateo, CA.

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